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What are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

The benefits of solar energy are clear: long-term value, cleaner environment, higher home value, and more!

Solar panels and the energy from the sun benefit not only the planet, but also you as a homeowner, utility payer, and neighbor. Solar adoption rates have been accelerated in recent years due to a variety of positive factors. The sun is an abundant resource and technology continues to improve to capture, store, and deliver energy from the sun to your home.

While many continue to debate the efficacy of solar and other renewables, the benefits of solar energy continue to become more clear and accepted in residential and commercial use cases.

Thanks to shifting demand, government assistance, and other economic factors, solar technology has become more feasible for the average American family. MSI Solar is here to help you understand the advantages of installing solar on your home.


solar roof panels

Benefits of Solar Energy

1. Solar reduces emissions

Fossil fuels and other sources that require processes that convert and expunge non-usable energy into potent energy products require a lot of energy to start and create the energy for our homes. Solar bypasses this carbon-intensive process and provides energy straight to your home.

2. Solar increases the value of your home

According to Zillow, a home with solar panels on it can increase its value by 4.1%

Bakersfield average home price – $295,529

Bakersfield average home price with solar$307,646

3. Solar reduces your energy bills 

According to EnergySage CA residents have an average 20-year savings of over $40,000, a $.12 kilowatt-hour rate.

This may vary on installation and percent needs to be met, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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